Alison O'Gorman

Professional Voice Coach

Helping you reach your goals!

My Story

I am a highly successful and trained Professional Voice Coach, spoken and sung, using much-refined coaching skills. I am extremely flexible to work with, getting immediate results and able to manoeuvre with the demands of the industry. With over two decades of experience, ages 7-adult, each client is extremely important and have my undivided attention.  The sessions I coach are completely tailored to the client’s needs and goals:

I train TV and Media Presenters in speech qualities and presentation skills. Presenters raise company ratings and enjoy longer success. Clients gain stunning use of voice control and presentation skills with the highest awareness of vocal health to maintain their careers.

I also work in the Private and State School sectors with many students entering the industry through colleges inc. The Brit School, ACM, Arts Ed, Bird, BRICTT, Universities, agencies and work placements.

Further students have gone on to study SLP, music therapy and other voice-related careers.

I coach for studio recording, vocal problem solving, MT groups and choirs.

Coaching Tools – The client’s character and needs determine which tools we use. Regular coaching sessions and client practise are the keys to success. To enhance these, I use Video / DVD / Audio of voice biology and sounds spoken and sung, visual aids, Apps and online resources, games and handouts.


I yearly commit to Continual Professional Development

Although I’m a highly experienced Voice Coach for over 20 years, I have and continue to be trained by Vocal Process Ltd each year in their various seminars and workshops (this keeps my freshness for any changes in the industry). Jeremy Fisher and Dr Gillyanne Kayes are international voice coach trainers. Over the last decade my training with them has been in:

The Growing Voice–Several courses dedicated to the developing voices ages 0-25 have grounded me in most thorough preparation for training all levels of children and teens safely, to the highest levels of performance. Professional child and teen are a passion of mine.

Crossing Genres Speech, Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Folk in adults and the growing ages. Sessions cover ‘How to be proficient at several genres, honing skills that enable you to bring out the best in your voice at all times’.

Biology – the growth and ageing of the voice, I aim to keep current with scientific studies and developments. In-depth biological understanding of most used vocal techniques, how to best use each in different genres.

Performance and Presentation Skills – including, auditions, exams, competitions, camera, mic, theatre, recital, studio.  Making memorable professional performances.

Client Profile and Management – The client is my central priority. Your goal is my goal. I create a confidential profile of you, coach you and together we produce a performer – you.

Voice Health Management – current advice on keeping healthy and returning to health vocally. The client will sustain a longer performance time. Warm-ups, warm downs and regular excellent practice habits tailored to my client.

Nerves Management – label, address and conquer the nerves – use them to your advantage.

I have also trained with Dr Jenevora Williams is also a highly renowned Voice Coach Trainer and Vocal Coach in her “Teaching Young Voices” Course which covered a huge range of vocal techniques and coaching tools including:

Neuro and behavioural patterns of learning, child learning steps and interrelated musical intelligence awareness and memory.

Tone and timbre of the voice through the ages, appropriate musical genres and awareness.

Vocal health and biological awareness, lesson planning and excellent practise habits, nerves management, long term goal projections, group coaching, SEN issues.

I continue to attend conferences with relevant industry companies, to be aware of their work methods and future developments, maintaining networking and foreseeing challenges.  

I have sung, and clients have sung, with Dame Felicity Lott and others in Brighton, Royal Albert Hall and Wigmore Hall. Pamela Cook, (founder of Cantamus Girls’ Choir) directed me in Birmingham. I consult with top-ranking international colleagues on techniques and styles.


Music Honours Degree from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Extra skills developed in Composition, Conducting, Piano, Flute, Music Theory, World Music and Early Years.

I also tutor in these subjects, and I accompany on piano and keys.


Out of hours Interests and Hobbies

In my downtime, I am active at my church in the music group.  I play the piano, flute and I sing. I also head up a yearly youth camp, leading with music and getting involved in most things musical. I have been part of the youth and children’s ministries for well over a decade, and as a Bible-believing Christian, I enjoy being fully part of my local church.

I am part of Surrey Archaeology Society, and I like to dig. Last year I was part of digging up a Roman / Iron Age farm. It’s fascinating to me how society functions and changes and how history has developed. I enjoy the fresh air, especially woodland walks and cooking too.

My Approach

My very first session with you is to give you a taster for my coaching methods.

After some brief pleasantries, we get right into the heart of exploring your present voice capabilities. 

At the end of the initial session, we discuss the way forward (if we both feel there is a good fit).