Hello, I'm Alison O'Gorman

I'm a Professional Singing Voice Coach for Professional Singers and those aspiring to have a Professional Singing career.

Are you an Adult Professional Artist (Any Genres), a Child or Teen Professional or Rising Professional Artist, a PA and Music Agency, a Music Studio or a PA and Music College/University?

I'll Help You Manage your Voice Health and work towards meeting your goals!

Helping You To Achieve Your Goals

Discover Your Full Potential!

I coach you in all aspects of singing performance, and will come alongside you in the regular maintenance of your voice.

We will cover singing techniques tailored to your goals, genre specific performance and range development.

You will grow in confidence and performance skills as we journey towards your goal/s. When we reach your goals, I draw up how we are going to maintain this standard and what some pitfalls might be to avoid or recover from. You are free to question and understand in your natural way of learning, and you will see results as the coaching progresses, rising-up, conquering the challenges together.  


I will assist with many things, including

Where you are with your voice

How you naturally perform

Your goals in detail

How you use your voice

How you look after your voice

I will draw up the coaching process for you, and take you through the steps, at your preferred speed.

How can Voice Coaching support you?


I have over 20 years of experience in a highly successful coaching career, access to international voice coach knowledge and practices, all exam boards, audition skills, competitions and agency demands of varying styles. I can offer you a wealth of advice and support to get you growing. .

Some goals will take a few sessions, some clients will want ongoing monitoring and others a mix of short term and long-term goals. I can deliver all these, suiting your needs, work schedules and current skills base. I will get to know your work environment and demands relevant for success. I will assess and share with you the plan we can undertake to reach your goals effectively and efficiently. We can modify these as needed and develop your skills base. You will see improvement as soon as we start the process and you will continue to improve as we embark on this journey. We can create methods to avoid or climb out of pitfalls and we can rise to the challenges you present to me.