A selection for both Video and Written Testimonials from Voice Coaching clients, both for Presenting & Speech, and Singing

Manoto TV Station (3m18s)

Voice Coaching from Alison O’Gorman

A presenter from Manato shares her impression of Alison’s Voice Coaching, during an interview.

Alison continues to be called in at various times of the year, to Voice Coach each of the Manato presenters in the team.


Manoto TV Station (1m22s)

“Why I recommend Alison O’Gorman to Voice Coach anyone who works in Media and TV Broadcasting”

This presenter shares a personal testimonial statement.  See transcript below:


Testimonial Statement

“I am Reihanneh, I have been presenting News for about a year. When I started, my voice and presentation really needed polishing up. I didn’t understand how to use my voice properly and how to keep it healthy. Alison trained me on site at work, in my own language – Farsi! She really heard what was needed and was so respectful in how she trained me. Our sessions were really fun and challenging. Each session I learned so much and could immediately put into practice, so I developed really fast. I had to work really hard and put in the time to practice but it all paid off quickly.

Now when I present I know I sound as clear and look as engaging as I can. Work has really been impressed with my progress, the ratings have gone up and I sound clearer to the Iranian community, which is very important for the News Presenting. Alison is wonderful in getting my voice and presentation to a professional standard fast.”

Megan (6m39s)

Voice Coaching for Singing from Alison O’Gorman

Megan is a Professional Music Theatre Performer in training.

Alison continues to be on-call to support Megan in her performance career.


Testimonial Statement

I started singing lessons with Alison at 12 years old. I was in professional musical and theatre training with ambitions of working in the West End. Working with Alison was one of the best decisions I ever made. She enabled me to reach my full potential and gave me a fantastic understanding of my voice, grew my confidence and transformed my voice. Alison is still fantastic at sorting out my issues and providing great help whenever I need it. I will endlessly be grateful for her mentoring, and her phenomenal vocal coaching.

As a teen pro under her vocal training I achieved two consecutive roles in Billy Elliot in the West End and Brigitta in The Sound of Music, The UK Tour.  I continued with weekly lessons preparing me for very selective auditions for my degree.

With Alison’s amazing skills and guidance, I achieved a place at Arts Educational (currently the leading school in musical theatre) and now Bird College. I still carry with me every piece of advice and vocal lesson Alison gave to me.


Voice Coaching for Singing from Alison O’Gorman

Marie has been with Alison for over 8 years.


Testimonial Statement

I have loved singing since I can remember and began weekly singing lessons with Alison 8 years ago.

With Alison’s calm approach and help she gave me the confidence to apply and gain a place in music at the amazing Brit School for Performing Arts.  Alison has always supported me throughout the many performances at school and always teaches and encourages me on how to use the best vocal techniques and how to care for my voice.

Devastatingly in 2016 I was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer, which had also spread to my lymph nodes in my neck.  This diagnosis lead to intensive chemotherapy together with three months in America to receive Proton Therapy treatment to my neck and whilst there I was told that the treatment could stop me singing.  In my mind this was not going to happen and together with Alison’s care, patience, understanding and complete confidence that I would sing again, I am very happy to say that I will be starting my BA (HONS) degree in performing arts at the Brighton Institute for Contemporary Theatre Training (BRICTT), a dream which I thought would not happen.

Together with her lessons, Alison is always available to answer questions and give valuable feedback and advice, whenever it is needed.  She is a kind, caring and supportive coach.


Voice Coaching for Singing from Alison O’Gorman

Kathryn started with Alison over 20 years ago.


Testimonial Statement

I started singing lessons with the incomparable Mrs O’Gorman 20 years ago when I was 15. I begged my parents for lessons because I dreamed of being a singer when I grew up.

I had no confidence in my voice or my person, Alison helped with both to such an extent that I ended up singing for a living for nearly 10 years after school. While under her tutelage I got my GCSE music and went on to study Music at Trinity College London.

I am chronically dyslexic and reading music didn’t come easily but Alison was patient with me and I eventually got there. I had always sung and been encouraged to do so by my grandparents, but Alison taught me how to essentially manage and take care of my voice.

Her patience and gentle but firm discipline helped this once frightful teenager to have confidence in herself and voice. A confidence that grew rapidly. I lost count of how many festival competitions we won together and still hold very fond memories of our time together. I still sing regularly.


Voice Coaching for Singing from Alison O’Gorman

Jodie has been with Alison for many years.


Testimonial Statement

Alison is a fabulous support to me. In 6 years, I have gone from complete vocal beginner and a classical vocal foundation to training for a pop career at ACM in Guildford. Alison coached me through vocal problems and tonsillitis, using the very up to date scientific knowledge and world renown colleagues’ advice. I intend to come to Alison through my next years in the industry to keep my techniques secure and vocals healthy.

Alison is always available for advice and coaching, she is totally flexible and highly considerate around the demands of life, in terms of session times, personal pressures and changing / challenging vocal goals demanded of me.

Alison’s strong personality and gentle but firm approach enables me to feel totally at ease to talk about life issues, which translates into a very secure working relationship in which I believe I have blossomed as a singer. I am winning awards, gaining qualifications and thriving in my music. I am told I have a very competent pop voice and a huge understanding of other genres.

Alison has also given me many opportunities trying different work experiences and performance styles, so I believe I am more rounded as a person and vocalist than if I was left to find my way on my own.


Voice Coaching for Singing from Alison O’Gorman

Holly has been with Alison for many years.


Testimonial Statement

Alison O’Gorman is a remarkable vocal coach. I began singing lessons with Alison at 11 years of age and remained under her guidance and tuition for 11 years. I achieved a BTEC Nat Cert in Performing Arts, and gaining a place at Tech Music Schools (Now BIMM). I have also worked for P&O Mini Cruises and am currently an interim vocal coach myself.

I performed in several amateur musicals, gaining rave reviews, with her coaching. Through my teens Alison tutored me for my ABRSM exams, both practical and music theory up to 2 Grade 8’s – RockSchool and ABRSM. Exam. All exams I attained Distinctions or Merits.

I have also worked with Alison professionally in function bands, and she provided me with invaluable work experience placements throughout my time with her.

Beyond her experience as a voice coach, Alison’s caring, supportive and attentive nature gave me the confidence and ability to pursue my music career and bring me thoroughly out of my shell and into the lime light. Words cannot begin to describe the influence Alison has had on my life. Thank you.


Sound Engineer

Dino has known Alison for over 6 years.


Testimonial Statement

I know Alison in training professional Media Presenters onsite, at the workplace. Her work is fast, accurate and vocally safe. Alison is extremely easy to work with, able to adapt to a multitude of client personalities, and carries a strong sense of humour – essential in the Media Industry. She is highly respectful of the client and the company. She ensures quick results that last.

She is known to learn parts of a language that isn’t her own, to make the training the most effective possible where the client is presenting in a different language.

Alison is prompt to sessions and fully prepared. Session content is full and often demanding, with room for flexibility to voice health issues and work schedules.

I have also known Alison in a professional context as a singing coach for about 6 years. In this time, she has coached young voices to an extremely high standard, in differing genres. The children win solos, awards, exams, places in choirs etc.  Often, they continue in their teens to develop very mature and safe vocals, winning places in their choice colleges and further careers. Their breadth of music knowledge matches this as does their understanding of a wide range of vocal techniques, often beyond that of their peers.