Presenting and Speech

Hello, I’m Alison O’Gorman

I’m a Professional Speaking Voice Coach for Professional Presenters and those who use their voice in their work.

Are you a Professional Media or TV Presenter, Public Speaker, Orator, Lecturer or a Professional who relies on their voice for work?

I’ll Help You Manage your Voice Health and work towards excelling in your delivery!

Helping You To Achieve Your Goals

Discover Your Full Potential!

You will grow in confidence and performance skills as we journey towards your goal. When you reach the goal, we draw up how we are going to maintain this standard and what some pitfalls might be to avoid or recover from. You are free to question and understand in your natural way of learning, and you will see results as the coaching progresses, rising-up, conquering the challenges.  


I coach you in all aspects of voice delivery and will come alongside you in the regular maintenance of your voice. We will cover:

Your goals in detail

Clear diction

Breath control

Controlling nerves

Convincing and engaging tone of voice

How you come across

and much more...

I will draw up the coaching process for you, and take you through the steps, at your preferred speed.

How can Voice Coaching support you?


Your job can often rely on your presentations, and you need a coach who will come alongside you to monitor, maintain and support you reaching your goals vocally. You may only want an assessment and take away advice, one-off sessions, or a short series of sessions to be repeated in a year. You may want a coach to be actively part of every step you take vocally and to advise you with professional knowledge and understanding over a longer period that suits your work needs. You may require or want a mix of these.

As the coach, I can be on-site at your work, for ease of timetabling sessions and get better acquainted with your working environment. Or you may want sessions privately, so your company is unaware of your vocal training.  You may prefer SKYPE, or a mix of all these kinds of coaching, for any reason.

I get to know you, your work, your work conditions and all things relating to you reaching your goals. I will create a coaching plan suiting your work needs and schedules. I discuss with you how we are going to reach these goals before we start and monitor how you feel about the progress at each step. We can set attainable targets together and see them through successfully. You will see an improvement in your voice and presentation skills as soon as we start. The improvements strengthen as you develop. We will share the pitfalls, and rise above the challenges. We will create a structured plan, to maintain this hard work, that suits your work schedule. I will bring all my professional knowledge to you, and I will refine my skills as new developments arise in my coaching industry.